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Gail Michael October 23rd 11 02:00 AM

Health benefit os banana
True, true, and bananas are delicious also, but how to incorporate them in
diet when constipation is a constant problem.

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Tommy.10;512424 Wrote:
What are Health benefit of banana?

It can give you enough energy as well as potassium.


alen February 8th 13 08:16 PM

bananais too good for kids as it increase weight and height. i find it very helpful in my daily busy routine. if u have constipation then dont eat a single banana. take 4,5 or dont have it otherwise.
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nila11 April 22nd 13 08:51 AM

Banana is natural nitration. They have a lot of benefits of banana. But Mostly mother take banana’s our small children. It’s good for child health.

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