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Spanking makes you crazy?

1995: Corporal punishment and adult addiction and psychiatric problems:
Psychiatric and addiction: Dr. Harriet McMillan of McMaster University
in Hamilton, ON Canada led a six-person team which studied the possible
association between childhood spanking and subsequent behavior problems
in adulthood. 3 They based their study on data collected as part of a
1990 population health survey by the Ontario Ministry of Health of
10,000 adults in the province. Five thousand of the subjects had been
asked questions about spanking during childhood. Unlike many previous
studies, the researchers deleted from the sample group anyone who
recalled being physically or sexually abused. This left adults who had
only been spanked and/or slapped during childhood. Incidences of adult
disorders we
Adult disorder Never spanked Rarely spanked Sometimes/often spanked
Anxiety 16.3% .........18.8% .......... 21.3%
Major depression 4.6% ......... 4.8% ................6.9%
Alcohol abuse or
addiction ............5.8%.. 10.2%............ 13.2%
More than one disorder *7.5% . 12.6% .......... 16.7%

* More than one disorder included illicit drug abuse, addictions &
antisocial behavior.

Their results were published in the Canadian Medical Journal for
1995-OCT. 2 They reported that "there appears to be a linear association
between the frequency of slapping and spanking during childhood and a
lifetime prevalence of anxiety disorder, alcohol abuse or dependence and
externalizing problems."

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