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Default Weirdly Low OGTT Means... What?

This is what I went through! My diabetic aunt was an INVALUABLE
resource on helping me through (I'm 20 weeks now) with "borderline"
blood sugars. She gave me a new glucose monitor (it was an extra of
hers), but I only used it to baseline my blood sugar last week. The
thing with GD is that you swing back and forth between Hypo and Hyper
blood sugar levels. That is what causes the blood sugars and weight
gain in the baby- her attempt to compensate for your blood sugar

So, here's the advice my aunt gave me that has been THE most helpful:
Never eat a starch/sugar/carb without a protein to balance it out.
Eggs with your bowl of cereal, peanut butter sandwich (two slices of
bread have about 30 carbs), etc. Try to stay around 60 carbs for a big
meal, and snacks are great for us because it helps us from having the
big dips in our blood sugar. Eat a protein rich snack before bed (it
keeps you from having that weird barely hungry to starved reaction in
the morning or the reverse that happens later, starved to barely
hungry.) That's about it. It wasn't as complicated as I thought, and
even if my GTT tests fine this time, I will still be doing this because
it turns out to be healthier for the baby and for me. I ususally (this
is my 3rd) have an ENORMOUS weight gain of 65 lbs, but so far I have
lost 4 lbs. and the baby is growing at the right pace, not getting to
be so big! I anticipate 3rd tri to be a little harder, but this way of
eating has also helped me make sure to get all of the right nutrients
into my day since I am now more aware of what I am eating.