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Default Bright 2nd grader & school truancy / part-time home-school?

Vicki wrote:

Today we received a warning letter for truancy for our 2nd grader. The
principal said she was concerned about dd's absences. I am not concerned
about dd's absences--she is bright, she knows the material [she's missed
five days this month, but received 100 on her test for materials covered.]
I don't think the teacher is concerned. But the principal said dd is only
allowed 5 excused absences per semester.

I have no experience with this at all, but the implication of 'truancy' to me
means 'absences without parental knowledge or consent.' I guess I don't
understand why you can't keep your child home or out for family gatherings, or
illness (even without doctors note! the vast majority of childhood illnesses
absolutely do not require a visit to the doctor) if YOU are the one authorizing
it. I suppose I would take your particular case to the principal/teacher and
stipulate that as long as your daughter maintains a high standing in her class
and requires minimal 'extra' effort to keep her caught up (ie: you as parents
are willing spend extra time to help catch her up in school work due to missed
days) than you as responsible parents shouldn't worry so much about the hard and
fast rule of 5 absences/semester, as long as it is within reason (a few day here
or there, not going off to tahiti for a few weeks . Maybe once they realize
your direct involvement in this, they won't be so anal about it.

Man, reading a lot of these school issues - even/especially in the early grades
- makes me nervous about my dd heading into the school system. Wow, times have
changed, and I'm not sure its for the better .