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Default Atty Kathleen Zellner's birth trauma jackpots!



"$3,000,000...for a brachial plexus injury that occurred at birth resulting
in partial paralysis of her right hand and arm."

OPEN LETTER (archived for global access at:

Kathleen T. Zellner, JD
1717 North Naper Boulevard
Suite 203
Naperville, Illinois 60563


I think your birth trauma jackpots would SKYROCKET if you started telling
juries that MDs are senselessly closing birth canals up to 30%.

Since MDs won't stop of their own accord...

Since DAs are dragging their feet...

See FBI: AMA 'pedo-priests': Will DA Cooley prosecute?

WHY NOT A CLASS ACTION? Maybe you could stop the grisly mass obstetric
travesty with a class action lawsuit.

At the very least, you could add "Birth on back or butt - dorsal or
semisitting" to your brachial plexus injury risk factors...

Thanks for reading,



Dr. Gastaldo

http://www.shoulder-dystocia-attorne...l/contact.html and The Erb's
Palsey Lawyers Network via

Why won't shoulder dystocia attorneys tell juries that MDs are knowingly
closing birth canals up to 30%?

Does anyone know ONE shoulder dystocia attorney who is doing this?

It's a "slam-dunk" case: MDs are admitting ON VIDEO that they are routinely
closing birth canals!

The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists/ACOG shoulder
dystocia training video purports to show MDs how to OPEN birth canals when
shoulders get stuck - which of course means that MDs are knowingly CLOSING
birth canals! One doesn't need to know any biomechanics to figure this out!

For the kicker, though, one needs some simple biomechanics: The ACOG method
of opening the birth canal actually keeps it closed!

See IMPROPER McRoberts can save tiny lives and tiny limbs...

Why won't shoulder dystocia attorneys tell juries that MDs are knowingly
closing birth canals up to 30%?

FURTHER PROOF (that MDs know they are closing birth canals)...

The simple biomechanics are openly stated by British National Health
Service/NHS West Midlands Perinatal
Institute/WMPI/Jason Gardosi, MD, Director who writes of the semirecumbent
delivery position (semisitting):

"...the weight of the mother is in part taken on the sacrum which is
therefore pushed upwards, thus decreasing the antero-posterior diameter of
the pelvic outlet..."

MDs and MBs: If you must push or pull - and sometimes you must - first get
the woman off her sacrum!

I copied this info to SHOULDER DYSTOCIA ATTORNEYS via:

See Shoulder dystocia tomfoolery: Attorneys could stop it...

No answer yet.

How can birth trauma attorneys have better things to do than tell juries
that MDs are closing birth canals?

One of the most prominent birth trauma attorneys in the nation (Weisbrod;
not and MD) did NOTHING when I informed of a key error in a textbook chapter
he co-authored...

Well, Atty Weisbrod did SOMETHING - he wrote and blamed his MD-attorney
partner (Nocon) for the obvious mistake!

See Blame, Attorney Weisbrod and the 'God within' (our courts of law)...

MD-attorney Nocon has said nothing...

See James Nocon, MD, JD (Also: Dateline NBC: Marsden Wagner, MD v. ACOG
Sept. 16)...


PLEASE start telling juries that MDs should not pull on babies' head when
their shoulders are stuck in birth canals senselessly being closed up to




Dr. Gastaldo

PS My thanks to Marie, PBS and a fine chap for stimulating me to write this