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Default foster-care marriage does anybody know anything about it?

brezy wrote:
i tied but my case-worker doesnt want me too but thats just her
personal decision

No, it's much more likely her professional opinion and her
responsibility if the state is your parent, as in has custody of you as
a minor.

Parent's make such decisions for minors and the state is your
surrogate, but legal parent I presume

She represents the state.

If you wish to challenge her authority then you must go to someone
above her in authority.

Jumping over people to petition someone high up is unwise, and simply
likely to create resistance in the system.

Write a simple directly letter with out your feelings or opinions
mentioned. Just a straight forward description of what you want to do,
and address a copy to her, while sending the letter to and speaking to
her supervisor. Ask for an interview with both present....the worker
and her supervisor.

I do not wish to give you false hopes. It is unlikely the supervisor
would consent either, given your age, unless it's legal for you to
marry in your state.

And running to another state could, given the laws in your area and one
federal law in particular called, The Harris Act, might place your
intended in serious legal trouble.

I'm not a lawyer so what I suggest is that before you do anything you
consult with one. Some cities or counties have lawyers that will take a
case without charge through a legal services agency serving the poor.

Take this up with them and ask for a referral to an attorney.

That way you can find out your legal status concerning making a
decision about marriage.

Do not take advice over the internet as the final answer. This is not
the place to get definitive information, but simply to get ideas about
how to get that information.

Good luck,