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Default Flu shot destroys baby Saba's life

On 4/4/11 1:05 AM, jen80 wrote:
dr_jeff;512034 Wrote:
On 4/2/11 8:54 AM, albert.macintosh wrote:-
That is very very sad to hear that a Baby is passed due to Flu.-

Sadly, the flu shot was most likely a coincidence and had nothing to do

with the child's death. But it is still very sad that the child died.
And, that the child's death is being used against life-saving vaccines.

Unfortunately, people remember unfounded fears, as is seen in Minnesota:

Hello All

I have no desire to become involved with theoretical arguments, but in
the case of Saba it is true that her reaction was caused by the flu
vaccine. This story is from Perth Western Australia and if you would
like varification I'm sure you can search and find stories of the "bad
batch" of the flu vaccine that was given to babies and children here
last year - hundreds of children displayed reactions, many of those
hospitalised (Saba's being the most serious) within hours of recieving
the shot.

So while I have no desire to debate the positive or negative aspects of
vaccination, in this case, it is absolutely certain that her injuries
are a result of her vaccination.


Absolutely certain: Not likely:

Either way, I am very sad for the girl and her family. And, nothing we
do in life is totally without risk. However, the benefits of vaccines
clearly outweigh the risks.