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Default which is easier - 1 kid or 2

I personally have four children, and I found that two and MORE children
are actually easier. They have friends for life. Moreover, there are
so many adult "only children" that are embittered, because of parents'
selfishness in not giving them a sibling. I have heard complaints of
loneliness, etc.
Mother of four

On Nov 29 2006, 7:27 pm, Big Crunch wrote:
I never had kids. I assumed that 1 kid would be a lot easier than 2,
but my sister told me that 2 can be easier since the kids can play
with each other giving the adults a break. It seems that with 1 there
would be less for the adults to keep track of, less multitasking. I
can imagine 2 kids running in opposite directions.

So which is generally easier?