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Default which is easier - 1 kid or 2

Hi --

I have two kids. Sometimes it's much easier, and more satisfying, to be
with them one at a time. Other times it's much easier and more
satisfying to be with them when they're together.

My experience, with my own childhood, my children and my friends'
children is that there's no "easier" with children. There are times
that are easier and times that are more difficult. There are children
(and families) that are easier and more difficult.

If you're figuring out your own family planning based on what's
"easier", then you might not be ready for a family. However,
realistically you should consider that having multiple toddlers in the
house means you really want multiple adults available much of the time.
And having multiple teens in the house means you need a very large
refrigerator. Beyond that? It depends.

My two cents,
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