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Default which is easier - 1 kid or 2

I have twins, not that its easy but they do keep each other company!
Single children have the benefit of not having to share whereas w/ two you
share many things for obvious reasons. Single children tend to become
lonesome though if not introduced to play groups or other such surroundings
w/ one on one play w/ other children. You have to watch out w/ single
children moreso I would think to make sure too that they are not being
overcompensated for not having a sibling to share w/ whereas they get
everything thus becoming spoiled. Truly having two though, you have to
watch out for this anyway. Hope this Helps!

"Big Crunch" wrote in message
I never had kids. I assumed that 1 kid would be a lot easier than 2,
but my sister told me that 2 can be easier since the kids can play
with each other giving the adults a break. It seems that with 1 there
would be less for the adults to keep track of, less multitasking. I
can imagine 2 kids running in opposite directions.

So which is generally easier?