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Default Weirdly Low OGTT Means... What?

Hi, guys. I was here quite a few years ago with my first baby, and lo,
I'm about 13 weeks on now and back. And wah wah I need to know if
anyone has been through anything like what I'm seeing now!

With my first pregnancy, I had borderline sugars on the 3-hour OGTT;
they didn't call it GD, but the doc told me not to drink juice and left
it at that. Well, I up and have an 8-lb. 10-oz. baby (a full two pounds
larger than any baby anyone's had on either side of my family, I might
add) whose blood glucose crashed dramatically at birth. They took quite
a few hours stabilizing her. (I know, some people thing GD is a crock;
there's real diabetes in my family, though, and I think I've got some
reason for, well, concern.)

SO I'm with a new obstetrician now, and given this history, she sent me
for the fasting one-hour OGTT a couple of weeks ago, with the idea of
keeping a closer eye on things this time around. I've been feeling
TERRIBLE* for weeks and my mom has been on me to get some kind of
glucose monitoring in place, so I called up a few days ago. The doc was
on vacation, but the nurse gave me my result of the one-hour challenge:
66 ml/Dl, or I guess 3.63 mmol/l. In her words, it was "absolutely
perfect," but the magic of the internet tells me this might be
considered hypoglycemic... Anyway, I was quite a bit surprised, given I
was expecting, well, a HIGH number! I'm not even sure how it's possible
to get such a LOW number on a glucose challenge, and I don't see my
doctor again for about another week. ...Isn't the one-hour number
supposed to be the highest one?

*Terrible: In my case, I mostly feel OK in the morning... until I eat
something. Between 10 and 20 minutes after I eat, I begin to feel
queasy, headachy, foggy of brain, and absolutely STARVING. If I have
another snack, I mostly feel OK while I'm eating and then for another
10 or 20 minutes and then I'm back to nauseated and absurdly hungry...
Tends to get progressively worse as the day goes on. I've been trying
to eat lots more protein in the past couple of days on the advice of
some family members, and it seems to help a lot, but I don't know that
avoiding grains and potatoes for the duration is exactly healthy,

So on to the questions... has anyone heard of anything quite like this
before? Should I kick up some sort of fuss if my doctor thinks it's no
big deal? Am I reading too much into things? I'm not ruling out the
possibility that I'm a histrionic hypochondriac...