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Originally Posted by Tony View Post

I just joined this group looking for some advice. My ex-wife & I have
joint custody of my teenage daughter who just turned 18 this past
week. Sometime last fall, she broke curfew at my place & I punished
her accordingly. Now she's broken curfew at her mom's. My ex-wife
wants to punish my daughter & wishes that I 'match' the same
punishment at my place. Basically, to be on the same page. I disagree.
I don't have as many problems with my daughter as does my ex-wife.

Just don't think "I wont do this coz my ex does this".. Just think of a punishment that will do good for your daughter and that will benefit you both. You can check her to some teen camp and give thee help that she needs. Coz she clearly needs to learn how to respect and be responsible.

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