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Default How can women make and keep their breasts healthy and good looking?

Here is my opinion on how women can make and keep their breasts healthy
and good looking. But before giving the methods, one must know what
constitutes a pair of healthy and good looking breasts. Since
beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, I can come out and say the
breasts are attractive when they are larger than a handful, and form
an angle of 90 degrees plus and minus 5 degrees with a plane parallel to
the back plane.

Breasts angle relates to breasts size, and the fats that make up
the breasts. When the breasts are oversize, they "fall down"
because they are too heavy. So the breasts angle is less than 85
degrees. This is also true when the breasts are average size and is made
up of non-solid fat, not enough strength for pushing against gravitational

How to measure breasts angle?

Easy. Imaging the chest, excluding the breasts, is a plane which is
parallel to the back plane, and an other plane(parallel or approximately
parallel to the horizontal plan, depending on the angle of the breasts)
passes through a pair of breasts and divides them into two equal half,
upper and lower. Let call this plane a plan divides the breasts into
two equal half(PDBTEH). The angle between this plane and the vertical
plane, when it is measured from the vertical plane to PDBTEH, counter
clockwise, is the breasts angle.

Every woman knows her breasts size. Otherwise, how can she know which
bra size she should buy? So how to measure breasts size will not be

Here comes the interesting part, methods on how to make and keep a woman's
breasts healthy and good looking. Which method women should use
depends on their breasts. All women should not run without wearing
bras, however.* Women who routinely run without wearing bras will suffer
a decrease in breasts angle.(Thus, their breasts are less attractive.)
This is because the breasts are over stretched.

Method 1: For women who have healthy and good looking breasts.

a. Do not exert excessive force on your breasts to cause them
stretch too far up or down.
b. Do what you routinely do.

Method 2: For women who have small breasts.

a. Eat more cheeses and drink more milks.
b. Do extensive chest exercise.

Method 3: For women who have average size to large size, and small angle
breasts, and their breasts are made up of non-solid fats.

a. Eat less cheeses and drink less milks.
b. Do extensive chest exercise.

There is no help for women who have average to large size and small angle
breasts, and their breasts are made up of solid fats.

* Personally, I like to see women's breasts bound up and down.
But unfortunately, this can only happen when they run without wearing bras.