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Default Bright 2nd grader & school truancy / part-time home-school?

I highly recommend homeschooling and finding other ways for your child to see
her friends -- after school, weekends. This "truancy" argument sounds more than
a bit like a threat. One thing to always remember in matters like this -- this
is YOUR child. NOT the school's and NOT the state's.

My mother faced a similar situation one time with me in the third grade, not
with regard to truancy, but with regard to an absolute horrible teacher who
distinctly despised me. The feeling was mutual. She also had a soft spot for
the biggest bully in the school. The overall situation got so out of hand that
the school board and my mother had a discussion. Of course they tried to
intimidate her, and gave preference to the teacher's statements over mine. But
my mother was not the type to be readily intimidated, and the school board
eventually had to back down and had to persuade the teacher to back off in her
treatment of me.

Bottom line on truancy -- what the schools are most concerned about is that
every student who doesn't show up is ultimately money lost in their school
budget. That's why they may try to intimidate you in these forthcoming
meetings. Do not let them, and please give serious consideration to full-time
homeschooling. It sounds like it would be the best optional educationally.