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Default Behavior issues with 3yr old only child

My husband and I have recently decided (well, I decided and he is 75%
there) that our dear daughter will be an only child. We are don't
want her to become spoiled and I work very hard to set limits for
her. there are days where the slightest thing will set her off on a
screaming tangent for an hour or so. We don't discipline her very
often, because she is normally very well behaved. she gets up in the
morning good and looks forward to daycare so she can play with her
friends, she goes to be good now that we have a routine, but we are
wondering if there is more we should be doing to stop her from being
spoiled. When she asks for things, they are not bad or out of the
ordinary. (Occasionally she will ask for a cookie after she ate
dinner.), so we find ourselves saying yes (provided she says please
and thank you). Should we start saying "No" every once in a while?

I wouldn't use "No" in an arbitrary manner; she may eventually think
that you're being capricious. Is there anything wrong with letting her
have an occasional treat at an appropriate time is she is polite about
it? There will be plenty of opportunity to say "no" when it is
appropriate without looking for an excuse to.


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