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I doubt they're under-educated. From what I gather 'Theoretical
Physicist' are shun by those in the hierarchy in the physic's
community. (Well, Not shun but ignored and dismissed as cranks)

No, you've been misled, or have misled yourself.


Case in point, MIT grads exploring M-Theory/String-Theory being
denied access/use of the particle accelerator, school, claiming
that the $cost was too high and their theories aren't sound enough
to even be tested.

That's just budget triage, happens every day where a facility is in
high demand, it does NOT reflect on their work, it just says to them:
"Get more background and preliminaries done, and we'll try to stick
it in the budget next year". They have to do that with all the
proposals that are not high priority.

The creation of antimatter and containment should be a high priority
for any government/School. Just look at the military aspect, if they
were able to harness this power may gawd help the planet, they could
destroy the whole damn thing with a push of a button.

It's easier to do with nukes. Look: Antimatter containment is VERY
difficult, and is estimated to be SO FAR from feasible as to totally
DIS-justify any expense on it that is in ANY WAY duplicated by the
two major nuclear fusion projects. THAT'S why.

What's wrong with giving Theoretical Physicist the use of the
particle accelerator anytime they want it? Particle Accelerators
are massive and I guess it does cost a great deal of money to even
start it, but they should have a right to explore their theories,

It's a matter of scarce funding and more practical priorities, not a
matter of "rights". Anytime they want it?

Why not? Why should these guys not be able to use the particle
accelerators when ever they want? I don't understand, antimatter is the
wave of the future.

The VERY DISTANT future. It is like funding research into warp drive
with no connection to what we DO know and no other background work to
support it, it would be a VERY expensive boondoggle that might sour
the public's attitude towards Big Science for decades. We have to
pick our battles!

The cost of a particle
accelerator they could have on that basis would have to be solely
funded by THEIR project, an impossibility!

How much does it cost to use particle accelerators? I know the cost is
high, but it can't be that high. Why doesn't the department of defense
fund this work?

It takes the proportion of the accelerator's expense that is represented
by that project's use. And somebody has to pay for it. So far, that
"somebody" has declined to fund it, the American People declined through
their Congress. We lost the Superconducting SuperCollider a number of
years back, and things have been rather slim lately in theoretical

Walz do you know that a microscopic bit of antimatter has been
created in particle accelerators?

Yup. It's called pair production. Make a fat enough photon and it
breaks down into an electron and a positron and then they recombine.
That is VERy old news.

Does this not blow your freaking mind?? This stuff is absolutely

It's very old news.

problem is containment, when matter meets antimatter BOOM!!

Well, you need a lot of it to go boom, but matter-antimatter
annihilation yields 9 x 10^16 Watt-Seconds per Kilogram. A Kg
is a LOT of positrons!

It's 1836/(1.67262158 10-27) = 1.097678053394e+30 to be
fairly exact.

Over my head ;-)

That's one over 1/1836th the weight of a proton, which is the
number of positrons in a Kg.

Let these guys play with particle accelerators and
figure out how to create & contain this stuff. The energy source of
antimatter is beyond your comprehension, it would be the purest
form of energy in the universe, I say let these guys harvest this
energy and not call them cranks.

It's not "beyond our comprehension", it's been well-understood for
quite a while now, where do you get this over-dramatized paranoid

Yes, to the average person it is indeed above comprehension - you act
like antimatter and containment is a mere light bulb.

There's fundamentally no difference between the "incomprehensibility"
of electrons flowing through a bulb and antimatter annihilation.
They are both equally invisible and ethereal.