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Default I miss breastmilk poo!

oregonchick wrote:
EEGADS! Formula poop stinks! Emily is 7 months now, and we have run out of
our frozen breastmilk so have transitioned over to formula. She is also
enjoying many solids as well. Almost instantly, the smell became so
overwhelmingly stinky it was a shock. Now I am wondering the best way to
dispose of the diapers... Before, if they sat for a day or two in the
garbage, it was not noticeable, but now it requires immediate action! Any

My dh did this from day one with our first baby, and that was take the
diaper directly out to the garbage in the garage. That was down two
sets of stairs yet. I live in a different house now, and with my third
who's now 6 months old, I still take even just the wet diapers and toss
them in the can outside the back door. I live in a much much smaller
house so that's ok. Thanks for reminding me...I must stick with the
breastfeeding for longer. I'm trying for 9 months this time. With my
first, I stuck to it for 8 months, the second lasted until barely 6
months. Not-stinky poo is good motivation!