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Default HELP ASAP baby wont latch on was hospitalized for Jaundice andfeed with bottle!!

On Jan 2, 10:33*pm, wrote:
Please help!! My one week old baby girl almost refuses to latch on.
She was doing very well nursing initially but she was readmitted for
Jaundice the evening we were discharged. I went to the hospital while
she was under light treatment to breast feed her and they used a
bottle when I was not there. We brought her home and had to take her
back to the ER new years eve for Jaundice again and now she is finally
home. But she does not want to latch on at all so I've been pumping
and bottle feeding her. When I try to breast feed her she gets real
fussy and starts crying I even try keeping my nipple there and there
is plenty of milk I can squirt her in the mouth!! Any suggestions ASAP
would be greatly appreciated.

The hands-on help from a lactation consultant, or even a La Leche
League volunteer, would be far more helpful than anything we can write
on the internet. Get thee some in person help ASAP.

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