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Default HELP ASAP baby wont latch on was hospitalized for Jaundice andfeed with bottle!!

mommak wrote:

If I was in that situation... I'd wait until the baby was hungry...
and take time... maybe about 15 mintues... and try during that time to
get her to latch on. I think she is more likely to try to latch on
after she realizes that is all you have to offer... she may try harder
when she is hungrier.

It's important to realise that the strategy of getting the baby hungrier
in hopes that this will make her more likely to suck can backfire in a
newborn. A very hungry baby is likely to be too distracted and
distraught to want to figure anything out, not to mention too
uncomfortable because of being filled with wind from all the crying.

Probably the best time to try to get a baby to learn to feed is when
they're just starting to get hungry (turning head to the side, making
rooting movements with mouth, possibly just starting to fuss) rather
than when they're full-on ravenous.

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