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Default Stupid posters ( Mother who drowned kids in SF Bay pleads innocent

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"Magda" wrote in message

I love your name, but I'm biased, I do love Victorian names. Eglantine and
Verity are my

MAGDA you silly bint!

I know you from agc. Correct your ridiculous "to" Xpostings and take your
maudlin crumpet-posts the hell out of alt.tasteless.

What are you thinking? (C'mon, give a little food for fodder as it we It
can't be just that you are too ****ing STOOPID to be aware of your bloated
and inappropriate Xposting string?)

- Or can it?

Basically, scram from a.t.. And take the rest of your doily-tatters with
you. And if that doesn't happen may you slip and present your family with a
B.F. Goodrich bus-tire pattern across your forehead..."Yep, here's Magda;
pity about the dangly eyeball...

Pe (Hey, i'm nice to you in your PROPER VENUE. Now, **** off from here.)