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Default Vaccine Challenge Remains Unchallenged

"Peter Parry" wrote in message
On Thu, 20 Aug 2009 21:46:55 +0100, "john" wrote:

strange that you should be defending vaccination as you don't seem to be
the medical industry

What is strange about promoting rational thinking against bigotry,
ignorance and witchcraft?

Vaccination needs no defending. Anyone with intelligence and an open
mind can examine the objective evidence and see that. Do you expect
me to promote the opposite? Do you expect me to espouse a closed
mind, a promotion of ignorance, a cult of celebrity where who says
what is more important than the truth of what they say? A willful
dismissal of anything which doesn't suit pre-conceived prejudices and
conspiracy theories?

Yeah yeah, but vaccination is witchcraft, but I'd hardly expect you to own
up to your real agenda, silly me.