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Default FOR THE LAST TIME, get a clue.

It's not your technology that sucks, it's your ego and over-confidence and

As if you know what that is.

Go be "deep" with someone else. Tired of paying for the fact that you are
less interesting than me.

That is really tragic that you are too stupid and insensitive to realize
what you are destroying.

Again, this is the last time I am going to tell you that we didn't want YOU
in our lives twenty two or so years ago. How do you feel about THAT.

It's sad, you'll always be dangerously deaf and blind and ignorant. It's
not about laws or lawyers or anything material, you are just spiritually and
philosophically deprived and underdeveloped.

Please hurt one of your "own" next time. You taxed my family again so you
could go be sensitive some more. There really is no excuse for not taking
the time to make up your damage to me and my family like this.

Again I feel sorry for you. You create your obsesso situation because you
don't take time to learn what you are missing. You have to live with that
spiritual flaw.

As far as I am concerned, you are what you attract. Anyone with any real
world sense feels that way, you are at odds with the majority in the way you
don't take responsibility for what you attract.

Just reading you the rules that the rest of us have to live by. I think you
are too ignorant to fix your problem. When I say that I get "working hard"
and "educated" and "smart" and "clever" in response.

You're going to have to do better than that.