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Originally Posted by Stop identifying this and taking it out of context View Post
On 2008-06-01 09:48:02 -0500, "RogerN" said:

I married my first love. She seemed to be a wonderful person but I
found out that she would tell you whatever she wanted you to believe,
and the truth didn't matter to her. She was the only girl I had been
with sexually until after she divorced me.

After we were married about a year, I was sent out of town for training
and she committed adultery. After I found out, she claimed to be sorry
and wanted to be forgiven. I was reluctant to trust her because she's
lied before, I think she was sorry that she got caught. I was told
that God's will was for me to forgive her. After this I was tempted to
"get even" a few times but I didn't do it, my dad was an adulterer and
it really hurt mom and us kids, I hated adultery. We seemed to have a
pretty happy marriage and had children.

After the 2nd child, she started sliding back to her old ways. I found
out that she had been telling people that she cheated on me because I
cheated on her. I didn't but in hindsight I wish I did, I wouldn't
deny it if I did. After she moved out, but before the divorce, she was
pregnant with the 3rd child. She claimed she wanted to divorce me
because we fought too much and it was "for the best interest of the
children". What we fought about was her wanting a divorce.

Anyway, she divorced me, I noticed in the whole divorce / child support
process it seems assumed that the man is automatically guilty even if
proven innocent. I was paying child support on the 3 girls and the ex
decides she's to sick and can't handle the kids so they lived with me
for a while. The department of public aid got on me because I wasn't
paying my child support. I told them that the kids were living with me
and I didn't think I needed to send child support. She was living on
public aid for her and the kids and going out with her boyfriend and
partying like she had no responsibilities. So I paid child support for
the time the kids lived with me, and public aid never held her
accountable for what she had done. Also, I think it's highly likely
that the 3rd daughter isn't mine, but I love her for who she is, not
for who her dad is.

She later married this boyfriend that she left me for (after cheating
on him multiple times). She left and divorced him after he raped one
of our daughters. Remember, all this is in the best interest of the
kids, good ole mom. In the mean time I got a better paying job and the
CS she got more than tripled from what it was originally, which is when
she bought herself a sport car but the kids had to work to buy their
own car and auto insurance.

I ended up with a much better wife and have been married over 10 years
now and have a good stable home life. My ex lives with a guy her 2nd
husband worked with, and she sluts around with others when they aren't
getting along. One of the girls is 18 and just finished HS this year,
another will be 18 in October. They are figuring out that their mom is
spending their CS money on herself. The kids will be leaving the nest
and the old hen will only have whatever whoremonger(s) she can find.

Unfortunately the daughters are starting to live their life the way
they been raised. It's hard to remember that it's all in the best
interest of the children.

I just wanted to tell a bit of my story because I'm an exception in
many of the instances that are brought up. If I'm paying CS for a
daughter that isn't mine, it's because she slept around, not me. I
guess getting raped, seeing mom shack with one man after another,
seeing mom spend your CS on herself, and having to work till midnight
and go to school the next day is all in the best interest of the child!


Those guys - they used to read this copy.

They would stick their nose in it.

Be careful what you write about - someone who uses teenage prostitutes
might use
your story as a cover for their own criminal lifestyle.

It is the duty of both the parents to pay the insurance for the child, and it is a mutual understanding, you should take a responsibility and took a step further to contact your wife.