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Default biting?

Ok, so Sara is 14 months old and still bf-ing lots. Problem is she has
teeth (4 top and 3 bottom teeth) and she bites while she nurses.
She doesn't chomp down, it's just that there are now teeth where there
weren't any, so I don't know what to do about it. I don't want to wean
just yet, she's drinking from a sippy cup with a soft spout* sometimes
but doesn't drink much and also prefers to play with it to drinking from
it so she's not getting lots of fluid from the cup...

Any suggestions would be awesome, I really like nursing her but it's
getting to the point where I tense up just thinking about nursing and my
left boob (she mainly nurses on that side)) is kind of tender/sore,
which is no fun at all.


*she does bite the spout to drink rather than sucking on it, so it might
also be a learned thing, but I'm not sure.