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Default Just for info - my own little ovulation predictor!

"Cathy" wrote in message
Cathy wrote:
As you may be aware, DD (nearly 15 months) weaned abruptly 2 weeks
ago. And guess what came today - AF. So I think the weaning may have
been a combination of illness, and yucky milk. I was secretly hoping
I was pregnant, as I had tender breasts (which I put down to slight
engorgement) and bloating, and there had been a definite change in
mucus over the last wee while. So hopefully I'll be back here
sometime next year.

DD 8 Jan 03
TTC #2

Following up here! Looks as though it wasn't AF - only lasted a couple of
hours. But the HPT this morning had 2 lines!! So if all goes well, I'll

back here later this year - EDD December I think.


Congrats!! We're TTC #2 also! DS just turned 10 months and AF has been
around for about 4 months(getting more normal month after month). It's
tender to feed mid cycle --guessing around ovulation.

Anyways, Congratulations!