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Default Weirdly Low OGTT Means... What?

"Andrea Phillips" wrote in message
Thanks so much for your speedy response, Amy!

What you're suggesting seems a bit like what I've been trying to do the
last couple of days, with good result. I woke up Friday morning and had
a couple of hard-boiled eggs and a piece of toast with a tiny bit of
allfruit on it, and a mug of tea, and I felt the best I'd felt in weeks
and weeks. The night before, I'd had a plate of baked ziti (meat sauce
and lots of cheese) and some sauteed broccoli for dinner, and I felt
positively miserable. I guess finding the right ratios is an art?

I can see how if I'm suffering some kind of pregnancy-induced
hypoglycemia, the way I've been eating before could have been largely
to blame. I've been so unbelievably hungry, I've been eating two
breakfasts, three lunches, and snacks in between, and feeling horribly
ill all the while... and that's sadly not exaggerating, either. At
least I haven't been gaining weight out of it. =| My breakfasts tend to
be string cheese and fruit, or chai and a nut bar or other granola bar,
or tea and toast with butter... and my lunches range from cups of
noodles to tuna sandwiches or fried egg sandwiches, canned soup,
various frozen meals, and again, sometimes a few of these in a row
because I keep feeling like if I ate the *exact perfect thing*
(whatever THAT might be) I would finally feel better for more than a
few minutes. Looking back, I can see I've probably been low on protein
and high on starch all the while.

I tend to be a grazer, too, and I'm thinking I might have to try to
stop that. (A boss used to make fun of me, it can take me over three
hours to finish a grande latte from Starbucks.)

At any rate... in your experience and opinion, is it worthwhile to see
if my doctor will send me to a nutritionist? (I know, you're not my
doctor, etc., etc. There's so much conflcting information out
there... I see advice saying I should go practically no-carb, and I see
advice saying I should have juice and toast and corn flakes for

Anyway, thank you again. It's really heartening to hear from someone
who's (maybe) been in the same kind of place as me.

Hi Andrea,

Have you had your thyroid levels checked in the last 14 days? Hypoglycemia
and extreme appetite are common first symptoms of hyperthyroidism. Thyroid
problems very commonly develop in pregnancy. I'm hypoglycemic even when I'm
not pregnant, but when my thyroid levels go up, I have to eat constantly and
the hypoglycemia is much worse. Just to be safe, I'd ask your OB to do a
TSH, Free T3, and Free T4 test. Demand the 'free' T's tests because they
are less affected by other hormones and are more accurate in pregnancy than
the total and uptake thyroid tests and most OBs don't seem to know that.
Even if you can't pin down a cause, I'd see a nutritionist. It helped me
immensely. In the meantime, think peanut butter, boiled eggs, nuts, and
cheese first when you think of snacks rather than fruit or veggies then
add the veggies as a first choice rather than sugary fruits.

-Heather Lewis