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Default birth control??

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What type of birth control are all you breastfeeding moms using?

My daughter is 2 months old now, my doctor mentioned the options of the
mirena IUD or micronor (a mini pill). We aren't ready to make a
permanent decision right now and I really don't want another child at
this point. What is most effective? What is easier with less

We will probably know in about 2 years if we will have another child at
which point we will look at a surgical option for one of us.

I'm on the mini-pill and I like the fact that my periods are lighter and
less painful, and I can go off it at any time. You do have to remember to
take it at the same time each day, which I set my cellphone alarm for, and I
try to keep a strip of pills with me in my purse.

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