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Default birth control??

Sarah wrote:
I was on one of the mini-pills briefly after Jamie was born and found it
to be a pain remembering it within the three-hour window. I set my watch
alarm, but it meant breaking off what I was doing to go and take it. I
found the IUCD much easier (I got the ordinary kind, not the Mirena).
Having it put in was unpleasant, but after that I just didn't need to
worry about it at all.

would it be helpful if Sarah explained why she went for the non hormonal

if so, I'll explain why I went for the hormonal one, main reason was that
the non hormonal one is linked with heavier and more painful periods, the
mirena is not and when before pregnancy my periods had been quite bad I
wasn't prepared to risk making them worse. 2ndly, I also suffered quite
badly with premenstural syndrome for which a mirena would be a possible
treatment anyway, so it made sense to make that choice.

I actually didn't find the insertion that unpleasant, which is surprising as
I have very bad SPD, so even 5 months after delivery separating my legs was
bad bad bad, but I employed relaxation techniques from bradley birth and
sailed through it fine, doctor said I was her best ever patient! I did have
to write of the next few days, but I had planned for that and it was due to
the SPD not cramps, though I did get some, they were minimal.

I have similar reasons for not taking the mini pill, just couldn't do it

I think one reason some people don't like the mirena is it can totally
supress mensturation, I've not yet had a period and it would be surprising
if it was still lactation ammenorheaa (sp) DD is 13 months and only feeds
twice a day.

You are supposed to get it checked once a year, but if you have yearly
smears it can be combined with that, if not then it is something extra to