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Default Life changes due to pregnancy (emotional, past loss ment)

Donna Metler wrote:

Is it normal to feel this upset about life changes?

Of course. I know that your losses make you want to wrap yourself in
cotton wool but really working in non physical jobs isn't going to
effect the outcome of your pregnancy unless you encounter stress for
having to meet deadlines, productions, tasks etc, or just from working
with peopel that grate on you. You have a long wait until that baby
comes, you really are going to be bored beyond bored if you don't find
something to occupy your days. My suggestion is voluntary work that you
have no 'commitment' to or stress from, or part time work or study with
the same. Maybe volunteer at a local womins centre they have great
courses you can do as well. Maybe there is a soup kitchen you can help
out at. Volunteer at a childrens hospital to read stories to sick kids
whose parents can't be there full time. Rest homes where you can help
out with lite duties. SPCA. Youth work, there is a ton of places that
would love an extra pair of hands. Take a first aid course. Help out at
a multiple birth coffee morning, they ALWAYS appreciate a spare pair of
hands. Or you can take up a short term or on-line study course. Surely
there is something you are burning to learn a new skill in, Thai
cooking, leadlight, pottery, patchwork, philosophy, child development.
Make the most of every free moment because in 7-8 months you won't have
time to ****.