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JD Hoeye
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yea, then, instead of 50 there'd be 51. the federal model and all the states

which already exists. heavy reading, but statues of law are informative...
if you can get around the over accurate legaleese; intended to clarify, but
usually only to the consistency of liquid clay, or bentonite slurry.

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This is the first chapter of an interesting book:

And it mentions an interesting idea:

"Some commentators believe that given the continually expansive role of
the federal government into heretofore matters of family law that were
the exclusive province of the states, it is surely only a matter of time
until the federal government adopts a national child support guideline

I wonder if it might not be a GOOD thing for NCPs if the federal
government DID implement a national child support guideline model. Oh,
I'm sure it would be as unfair, clunky, and cumbersome as anything the
states have now, and you can be sure it would be based on
recommendations from Policy Studies, Inc... But it would also provide
the scattered men's rights groups with a unifying target to take aim
against, instead of keeping them divided and conquered. Instead of
trying to fight 50 different sets of state laws, they'd only be
challenging one (albeit federal) set of laws.

Any comments?

- Ron ^*^