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Default How early (what is the earliest age) would you travel with a baby?

Thanks for all the comments.

Since I will have no vacation time after I return to work after
maternity leave, DH and I were hoping to take the baby from the US to
Switzerland for FIL (who can't travel and is not that well) whilst I
was still on maternity leave, around 8 weeks. But after a very
stressful 2 weeks there at 15wks pg, I was thinking we might be nuts to
consider it and was having a mini meltdown at the thought and DH agreed
to put the thought out of his mind for awhile. But then upon saying
goodbye to FIL, I realised we will really need to go ASAP....

I want to wait til round one of shots are done, but I also want to have
a week at least of recovery *after* returning before I go back to work.
And of course we need the time to get both passports, which we can't
exactly request before the baby is born ;-)