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Default Feeling Guilty...

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About a few things...
Is it normal or alright to feel guilty over something, for example, like

Sorry to say I didn't read your entire post..... got stuff to do right


its normal to sacrifice for the children. Why would you feel guilty?
Unless you are 90 lbs.... you do what parents do.

I also take into consideration that I need to eat something fairly normal as
far as a diet goes. Normally, I don't mind eating whatever, but while
pregnant, I find that I actually *need* to eat, more than I want to. I'm
going to see if I can google some fairly easy, cheap, healthy meals during
pregnancy. That thought did just come to mind. There has to be something.

Bills? You pay what you can.... priority them!

THIS is what I know I will need my mom's help on the most. Not help with
her giving me money, but her help with breaking down bills and budgeting the
money I do have.

Cable?? What the hell do you have cable for?? If you can't pay rent, you
should disconnect the cable. Even if its basic.... that is $10 - 15 a
month towards things you need.

Rent is paid, insurance is paid, and that's set to come out of my account
every month on a set date. Right now, well, at the next billing period, the
cable is gone. I just don't like the pro-rated idea, as the way it will
turn out, I will basically have to pay the same amount as a full month -
they say they need about a week to do any changes, which will leave a whole
savings of nothing really, as next billing period for me starts right after.

Seems you made many bad decisions.... locking into many contracts. You can
contact the companies and see what they will do but most will say, tough
****. You may be able to find someone to take over your cell phone

As far as the power goes, I had no choice but to go with a contract. I need
power anyways. I casually asked around to see if I could find anyone
willing or wanting to take over the cell phone contract. At that point, I
couldn't find anyone interested, but didn't actually search seriously. It
doesn't seem like many people who want cell phones are without a phone.
Seems everyone has one already or they refuse to have a cell phone and do
not want one. Maybe I can offer a real good deal with my contract to
someone - take the contract for free and I'll give you, um... some nice
house plants!
If I could even pass off just one phone of the 2 on contract, it would help
quite a bit. I'm debating on cutting the home phone line (no contract there
or any disconnection fees/penalties) and just keeping the cell phone, but
I'm not sure if I like the idea of really no phone during the day (as the
cell is used rarely during the day due to X amount of 'free' minutes)
Something like giving the contract to someone else is something I had been
looking into. I will start looking, a lot more seriously this time, though,
and see if there's someone who wants a contract that isn't a full term.

Isn't your rent subsidized? So that should already be pretty cheap.

Yes, it is.

You need to work. Now. Go get a job. Get the kids into a daycare program,
I am sure they have programs that will pay for day care for you.

B starts school right away here, so he's gone for the morning M-F. A can go
in daycare, and there's subsidized daycare available. That means 1 full
time and 1 part time (afternoon) daycare spots I would need, both would
definitely be subsidized. No one will give me a job for a month or two. 32
weeks pregnant and looking for some type - any type - of job doesn't go over
very well. I already have plans for September '07 to go back to school full
time (2 year program). At that point, B will be in school full time, A will
be 2 and this next one will be 11 months. I have contacted this daycare 2
blocks away from home that says they offer childcare from 0-12 years of age.
I have asked to be put on the waiting list to have 2 baby full time spots
and 1 6 year old part time (after school) spot available for that September.
I *could* see about starting school when this baby is 6 months old (that's
considered 0 years old, the youngest ANY daycare will take an infant, but
most are 1 year of age as standard mat leave is 1 year) Starting school
when this one is 6 months means in like April-ish, which is when school
winds down and ends. Starting in September makes the most sense, and it
gives me time to look into school loans or whatever is out there as an
option, as well as getting everything together, doing as much research as

I wish you much luck. All you can do at this point is learn your lessons.
Many of us been there too.

Yes, that's why I asked. I know there's people here who have, at one point,
been in a similar situation. I've been calling around, and my mom has been
as well to help me out as she seems to have better access to what kind of
resources are out there, and seeing what I can take and use to my advantage.
One thing in the immediate future I am looking at is this support program
for low income families. They offer support to families as far as life
goes - budgeting and stretching a dollar, time management, generally learned
parenting and life skills. The intake lady I need to talk to is out of the
office until September 5th. There's nothing I can do about that but wait
until she's back.