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xkatx wrote:
I borrowed my dad's camera the other day. I figured it was time for
pictures, since we have NO new pictures since about January or so. Ever
since the replacement digital camera crapped out on me, I've had really not
much, other than the odd disposable camera, which doesn't go on the computer

I took quite a few pics the last couple days and finally decided to put them
on the computer. I find it almost impossible to get everyone together in
one shot, but oh well. I'll probably have to wait for family pics at

Thanks Kat!

your children are adorable and oh so precious is that little new baby
you have there ! You done good!!!!! congrats! Do you have some help? I
am starting to get really excited about the newest little joy coming
into our home in about three months! My Daughter just changed her mind
on the name she was naming her Lilli Anne Rose but now she says it will
be Hailie Anne.