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On Sun, 18 Feb 2007 04:13:24 -0500, Lester Mosley

Opera is just a bad thing.

yeah but it's all I can use on this machine.
Google's suckitude is off the charts.

Also, I think it's google that's doing this, not opera.

My cousin is a chess champ and chess teacher, and he has these neat
calling cards where his email address and other contact information is
printed on a square with checks.

btw did you hear that Chief from the Iroquois died this weekend?


"2) design initial seeding functions, mutation operators, and
crossover operators that always produce valid equations given
valid equations for their input, if any.
Both approaches work perfectly well."--xanthian

On Feb 17, 10:12 am, marika wrote:
On Fri, 16 Feb 2007 08:39:04 -0500, Lester Mosley


Didnt Dimebag die in some club after gettign shot?

No one else seems to have made this connection

this is weird google posts weem to retain the nhide quote show quote
this is the second time I've noticed it. can't be coming from opear
becasue it doesn't hide quotes

You ever see House of D, where David Duchovny names his kid Odell

husband killing prisoner he used to deliver dime bags to.- Hide

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