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Originally Posted by ;149279
Tiffany wrote:

Oh you have one of those dogs that get all excited and pees all over!

LOL. I am so lucky with this dog. Not only does she not pee all over, Lady
is a little tiny blonde cocker spaniel that was the runt of two other runts
so she is very small. And then we inherited this little chihuahua that
didn't like me, she was my son's dog but it looks like she's mine now too.
Sasha has been actually reaching for me and smiling up at me so I like her
better too. And I speak spanish, LOL. you quiero Taco Bell.... because it
tastes like dog food, he he. just kidding.

It is sad. There are no males role models for him to talk to? How

about something like that army guy that yells at the kids on tv talk

I don't know, I don't watch tv. We have digital cable and I don't know how
to turn on the tv. I feel like Ozzy Osborne, I stand there with the digital
remote and point it and click click click but nothing happens so I yell for
Sharon but alas, she does not come running to make everything all right.
Besides, I called and canceled the cable tv since my son doesn't live here

The good men I have known like the one that I met at college but then had to
give up because I got pregnant and decided to keep my baby, well he has
remained a faithful friend all these years via mail and email and he has
gone on to become a computer software expert and sold his computer company
to Microsoft for $20 million and works directly for Bill Gates as a
technical advisor (when I screw up, I screw up royal) always remain role
models from a distance (that is what normal people do, they stay clear the
hell away from uh, unhealthy people.) He has a lovely wife and three
children and had a great conversation with my son recently where my son
discovered that he actually knew a lot more about computer hardware than my
millionaire software genius friend does and that boosted his self esteem and
gave him a desire to move to Seattle and pursue a future in computer
hardware there. I hope my son waits to finish high school to do that
though. The only other man that comes close to normal is my brother but I
forget I even have a brother because I never see him even though he lives
right here in town. I don't blame him, he escaped the crazy family and made
a life for himself and his wife and child, I try to leave him be. That's
it. I have friends at the bar I go to on Saturday nights but I don't
associate with them outside the bar at all. I have been abused all my life,
I don't take risks like letting people into my life or my home. And
obviously even after seven years of abstinence, despite my best bravado and
attempts at choosiness the guy I attracted turned out to be soo loving and
wonderful but is in fact a big time psycho, at least he has a history of
being violent to other people, I've been told by more than one source. At
least I've kept this guy away from my son and away from me as best I can but
geez. So no wonder my son is finding it hard to become a good man. They
only exist on tv.

Thats ok..... now he has no PC..... he will learn to think before he
reacts. Stay strong. All fails and he does something to your pc
again, you can always get online to check emails and stuff at the

I can't live without a PC anymore than others can live without a car for
very long. And I can build one for next to nothing in about ten minutes.
But yeah, I hope my son is learning to think before he reacts and not just
getting madder and madder at me over there.

Never Bother about it mam,, its realli a common factor Nowadays.
nothing to be ashamed off.