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Default help me keep my son from perpetuating the cycle of abuse (very long)

Dennis Here wrote:

So you should be!
I did the classic out of my bedroom window on a rope escape when I
left home. A sleeping bag over my shoulder with a few basics wrapped
up inside. It was towards the end of the "beatnik" era in the mid
sixties. I think I had just finished reading Jack Keroac's "On the
Road" , a must read at the time. The first night I slept under
Bournemouth pier, then I found a bandstand in the park before
graduation to derelict buildings in London. Money was short so I went
to Kent and got casual work on the hop and fruit farms and found a
crowd of people just like me! Actually Lorian could do worse than
give him a copy wrapped up in a sleeping bag!

"On The Road" is a classic! and I've been trying to get him to read the
commonly banned "Catcher in the Rye" I think he could relate a lot and maybe
feel better.

I don't mind kids with
an "attitude" as long as they have had the basic grounding during
their formative years, which, I have to say, seem to be fewer with
each generation. I still believe that the first ones into these
things are also the first ones to come out the other end and get on
with their lives. Seems it did neither of us any harm though it took
years to build a relationship with my father again. I had only just
got there when he died.

What you are both forgetting is how the street is a whole different place
now than it was in the '60s or even the '80s. We have AIDS for one thing, a
lot more adults out there who are also homeless, a lot more hard core drugs,
and precious few resources to go around for all who need them out there. He
is not street smart, he wouldn't make it, it would destroy him.