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Paul Fritz
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Default help me keep my son from perpetuating the cycle of abuse (very long)

"Rolly The Pervert" wrote in message

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news:[email protected]
Paul Fritz wrote:
16 years of dealing with LL misandrist rantings......I'm surprised it
didn't happen sooner.

But in her will always be someone else's fault

I shouldn't respond to this but I am going to.

Cause you have no self control

Hit the nail on the head that time

First, I asked for people with condemnation and judgment not to reply

you, Paul Fritz, overstepped my boundaries once again because you do not
have any respect for women's boundaries, because you are an abuser.

No it's usenet. You askign anyone not to reply is over stepping your

After all these years, looney still hasn't grasped the concept of an
unmoderated NG

Second, you have no right to judge me as a "misandrist" which means man
hater. You are a woman hater, that is clear from your years of posting

and hate about women here and on alt.child-support so I have often

about your daughter and her reaction to how you view women so

especially since you so rarely talk about your daughter online at all,
preferring instead to target ME for your hatred and rage and tooting

own horn.

Now she uses his kid as a weapon, and starts with the I'm a Woman, your an
abuser BS.

What is comical is that looney says 'I' have no right to judge, and then
jumps to her own looney tunes judgements.
It grinds her that I am sucessful in most things, from child raising to

LooNey Lorian still can't accept responsibility for her own ****.

why she is where she is and I am where I am.

Third, I did not place blame for my son's abusive attitude toward me on
anything other than the fact that I and I alone raised him in an

where he saw me being abused by men and now that has come back to bite

the ass and I, and I alone, have done everything within my power to

the course of his future.

What a crock of ****.

You got that looney land, it is still somebody else's
fault, she has got her head so far up her ass she cannot see what the
damage of her misandrist life has done to her son.

You failed to move on, your still living and acting as
if you are with someone who beats you. whatever any man has ever done to

can't come close to what you've done to yourself. You've reduced yourself

someone who takes pills for pain, pills to sleep, pills to not be

pills to not be manic. Your someone who is still in every 2nd post blaming
everything since you left on your X on him and the men in your life. You
atract what you put out lady, if your a co-dependant, your gonna atract
control freaks and assorted assholes. You got some repressed something

you can't get past, it's why you've sounded like a broken record all these

And before you go calling me a manhater, I came here at your request,

you cried and whined about being trolled abusively. I subbed, read, and

I pointed out that no on was trolling you, you had been a willing
participant, and what they were saying wasn't completely untrue, you

on me, called me a woman hater ( there went a year long friendship because

wouldnt co-sign your bull**** huh ) *ps, if she replies to this and

I'll have a bot setup to repost everything that happened here that month.

You are not the first for that to happen.

Looney constantly whines about how 'abusive' am, yet she has been killfiled
for so years.....the only post I see of hers are responses from somebody

Get a grip, your son needs you, it's time to help him heel from all the
years of being the son of a looney mar00n. Pick your ass up, take it to a
CODA meeting, and get some help. Your not responsible for your disease,

you are for your recovery baby