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Default IQ and what it means in adulthood

Anne Rogers wrote:

Does anyone know of any good articles/studies on how well IQ scores in
childhood correlate with success in adulthood, given all the inherent
inaccuracies of the tests? I realise this is a pretty broad topic,
but I know there are some well-informed people here, and the subject
has come up for discussion on someone's blog so I'm interested in
finding out more.

I'd understood that the correlation was no where near what might be
hoped for, though of course there is the argument that had the high IQ
score been recognised and the child been nurtured correctly then this
wouldn't occur. I'm not sure how well the eleven plus was thought to
correlate with IQ, but it looks like failing that wasn't a barrier to
success for numerous people.


These days, in our area, the 11+ measures "verbal reasoning" rather then IQ.

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