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Default Poll: Birth Control

What sort of birth control are you other nursing moms on?

I'm on Ortho-Micronor but I don't like it. I don't get a period, and I
am just sure that I'm going to start showing any minute now because
I've gotten pregnant again and don't realize it. I tried on a skirt
yesterday that's a little tight (odd, because I'm smaller now than I
was pre-pregnancy) and I flipped out that I might be PG again! ACK!!!
I am SO not ready. (It's probably just the X-mas cookies, I've been so

My doc wouldn't give me a diaphragm - he said that he hadn't fitted
anyone for one in 4 years, and that "no one" uses them anymore! Birth
control is now, apparently, subject to peer pressure. He said I could
have the shot or the pill. Well, I fear the shot because I've had
menstrual migraines in the past, and the shot can cause migraines, and
I don't want to put something in my body that lasts for 3 months that
could give me migraines, with no way of getting rid of it! Yikes.
I've noticed that the sponge is back on the market, and between that
and nursing I'd probably be pretty well covered, but it would be
expensive (not covered by insurance). Is there a patch that's ok while
nursing? Friends of mine have had good success with the patch.

I find myself forgetting pills, because I'm more worried about the baby
than myself at bedtime. I want something easy, don't we all. WHEN ARE