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Default Orange County sees big surge in measles cases

Thank you California democrats and your beloved illegal Mexican
immigrant trash.

SANTA ANA, CALIF. Orange County is seeing a huge surge in
measles, with more than twice the cases of any other California

The Los Angeles Times reports Wednesday that the 21 confirmed
cases dwarfs the 10 reported in Los Angeles County, and they
drove county health officials to hold an emergency meeting this
week. Orange County had just seven cases two weeks ago.

County health spokeswoman Nicole Stanfield tells the Orange
County Register of the 10 most recent cases, seven were
unvaccinated adults and two were unvaccinated children, and she
urged county residents to make sure they're vaccinated.

In a typical year, Orange County sees zero or one cases, and had
four at this time last year.

Symptoms typically begin with a fever followed by a cough, runny
nose and watery eyes.