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The dog ran and then barked!;-)


On 8 Dec 2003, Kane wrote:

On Mon, 8 Dec 2003 15:53:07 -0800, Doan wrote: answers to The Question and my responding claims and questions to
his evasions. 217 lines of less than artful, if not persistent

Can't stand your own, Kane??? ;-)
Being stupid, Kane? ;-)
So what's the meaning of "neither"?
HA! HA! HA! You are the one who is doing the evading! What is the
meaning of "neither", Kane?
Evading again, Kane?
LOL! Yes, Littleton is an interesting place!
Then you are stupid!
You also claime that the Maurer study is not about spanking!
I know. It shows! :-)
Diversion, again! :-)
Weaseing! :-)
Are you have already admitted to that! ;-)
You are just stupid!
LOL! So that is why the violent crime WENT UP??? Logic and the
anti-spanking zealotS.... ;-)
I haven't developed senility yet. YOU ARE! ;-)
Absolutely, stupid! ;-)
Yup! To prove that you are old, senile and STUPID!
I have!
You were the one that accused me of lacking morals. Don't you

old fart? ;-)
If it is "useless" to you, then don't use it! Let's everyone else

for themselves if it useful nor not.
Funny! It is you with your back to the walls! ;-)
Who says?
Isn't it you who accused me of lying??? Look at the mirror lately?

LOL! I am still here. Where are they? ;-)
Really! They all kept it in secret??? Logic and the anti-spanking
zealotS, they are mutually exclusive! ;-)
I am a mirror. You are seeing yourself in it!
So we can't make up our own mind??? Logic and the anti-spanking
zealotS... ;-)
Looking at the mirror again, Kane? ;-)
Resorting to ad-hom again, Kane? Shame on you! ;-)
Already have - "reasonable standard"!
You used it on me! At least I have the excuse of using a foreign
language. What is yours, "never-spanked" boy? ;-)
Really? Is my argument that persuasive??? ;-0
You really are stupid!
Of course I am not responsible. They did make up their own mind!
Are you always this stupid???
Says who?
LOL! Funny that you would be talking about ethics! ;-)
Show me!
And I told you to use the "reasonable" standard.
Dogs have tail, Kane9! ;-)
LOL! Do you use the "reasonable" standard? ;-)
There you go, again. You are the one searching for the answer, not

Logic and the anti-spanking zealotS.... ;-)
Already have - reasonable standard!
The majority of the people, EXCEPT YOU, are using it!
So you will make up their mind for them? Logic and the anti-spanking
zealotS.... ;-)
So you are speaking for "them"?
ALL because they don't know the difference between spankinng and
beating??? Logic and the anti-spanking zealotS... ;-)
LOL! And your proof is?
Weaseling, Kane! ;-)
And I am talking about "reasonable" person, not the 1% extreme

Ask a "reasonable person"! Ask the DA, ask your CPS agency!
LOL! Are we talking with a reasonable person here?
So what is the problem?
All because they don't know the difference between a spankinng an a
beating??? Logic and the anti-spanking zealotS...
So you will make up their mind for them????
So let ban it. We don't want to risk public safety, do we? ;-)
Isn't this a double standard, Kane? I already know the "reasonable
standard". You don't! You should be the one that go looking for it!
Logic and the anti-spanking zealotS, are they mutually exclusive! ;-)
Then you go ahead and make their mind for them, Kane! ;-)
It is if your claim is half of it is due to spanking and not knowing
the difference from a beating. And even according to the data you
privided, it is not "half" - YOU LIED! Q.E.D. ;-)
What parent??? The only one I see asking that question is you!
Reasonable standard, Kane! Are you so stupid!
SO YOU WILL MAKE THE DECISION FOR THEM? How about the other 99%+

don't abuse their kids???
Who are these phantom parents, Kane? Most of these abusers are

up to care! You are being ridiculous, Kane!
Already answer the question - reasonable standard!
Children are not dogs nor houses! You seem to be suggesting that
it is ok to sterilized the mentally retarded. Can they have children
We already have the police and CPS to overee the problem!
LOL! I am very capable of taking care of myself.
NO! Not from you! ;-)
Going off a tagent again, Kane??? ;-)
LOL! No "superiority" complex on your part, I see!
And you are omniscient! You know and keep track on everyone who
frequented this newsgroup???? ;-)
And you are the judge right, Kane? ;-)
I will stick it out until everyone see you what you are! ;-)
Thinking for yourself?
And I will give you the same reasonable answer! ;-
To prove what a liar you are! ;-)
Weasleingg again, Kane? ;-)
Already answered!
Here comes the weasel! ;-)
Pop goes the weasel! ;-)
Where is this hypothetical parent?
Really? How many - millions???? ;-)
LOL! Really, Kane? Can we go looking for these dead bodies next

time I
visit Colorado? ROTFLH! Did you get that one from the National

LOL! You are funny, Kane!
And I'll remember not to laugh so hard the next time! ;-)
You are being stupid again! ;-)
And I thought it was becasue of me! ;-)
Me too!
And I thought it because they don't know the difference between a
spanking and beating! ;-)
Every minute so far. ;-)
Diversion! ;-)
Ha! Ha! Ha! That is funny! Try the National Clearing House of Child
HA! HA! HA! And you accused me??? ;-)
I didn't know you are bald! ;-)
So you want me to believe you - a liar???? ;-)
False analogy! ;-)
If you want. Shall I make up her mind then? ;-)
Sure! I am not stupid! After all, I was spanked! What's your
excuse? ;-)
But you said we all LIE! That is normal according to you, a
"never-spanked" boy! ;-)
And one them disproved your claim. ;-)
Nope! It didn't say that!
It doesn't!
Assertion without proof again, Kane!
Someone already have. Look it up in google!
Didn't you the one by Larzelere??? It's like a rebuttal to the claim
by Durrant!
Did I brought up Durrant????
And I thought they can't "make up their mind"? ;-)
Reasonable standard! ;-)
Reality is 90%+ of people spanking; less than 1% abused their

and it has very little to do with spanking/non-spanking!
If not devious then plain stupidity because the data contained within
burried your first source!
But you said spanking is down! Using your logic, they must be lying
about spanking too -since it is now ILLEGAL!
Exactly! You can't have it both way!
Because not all abuses causes death! That was the same argument you

when you complained about violent juvenile and juvenile crime!
Of course not!
I didn't see you response to this!
So you went to Europe and askes a representative sample too, Kane?
So outlawing pebbles will reduce it? Logic and the anti-spanking
zealotS... ;-)
You meant the "dream" land on a Malaysian mountain! ;-)
But that's 1979! This is 2003! A whole generation has been brought
up under the spanking ban; high taxes and a whole social support
structure to make it work. Why no reduction in child abuse rate???
I didn't fudge the data, Durrant did! Are you accusing her of not
being objective????
Where is the proof?
And that is a reduction??? Logic and the anti-spanking zealotS....

LOL! And I thought you have first hand knowledge!
Just having fun! ;-)
Not sure of yourself now, Kane? ;;-)
So we will have to wait a few more generations to see its effects???
Sound like weasels!
Then why did you brought it up????
LOL! So you will force them????
You have no proof! You can't convince people if you don't have

LOL! Have you stopped beating you wife yet? ;-)
But you shouldn't? ;-)
They have every reason to make up their own mind! You have the

to prove to them your claim!
Why should I? I don't believe in them!
LOL! They don't see both sides on this newsgroup? Logic, Kane! ;-)
And you are???
And you will make up their mind for them???
Ah! The enlightenned ones! ;-)
I only response to what you brought up!
And the answer have been given!
And I have asked you to prove that your "alternatives" are better.
Can you prove it?
The question has been answered!
No! Your ad-hom just shows your true character!
I already have - EVEN WITH THE AD HOM! See how nice I am to you? ;-)
Nope! You just can't handle the truth! ;-)
I have - the FBI data. Your defense of your lie is another lie -

the computer! :-)
You want to run from the numbers you claimed now?
And you admitted to lying! ;-)
Run, Kane8! Run! ;-)
The dog ran with tails between his legs! ;-)

And still, no answer to The Question, but a non answer..

And still, no answer to the Doan Never Spanked Double Dare...