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Default Three and a half year old boys, sleep already,

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I'm writing this because I've spent the past hour and a half lying

with one of my twin boys trying to get them to sleep so pardon any
*exasperation* you may detect. Here's the question, I feel that my
wife and I were never on the same page crying it out, etc. But
here's where we are now.


Are you being realistic to expect them to go to sleep when you tell
them it's bedtime? Can you secure their room such that they have
access to a few stuffed toys but can't climb on furniture or open
their bedroom and closet doors? My parents worked out with the first-
born (a singleton) and continued with my sister and I (twins) room time.
This was a time that we had to be quiet and no parents were in
the room, but we'd fall asleep when we were ready. They'd come to the
room if we got loud but otherwise went on to their usual activities.

Mom would take a nap (or at least rest on the bed) with my
sister and I to get us (at age three) to take a nap. I think this
was merely a response to make sure we didn't wake grandpa (he worked
nights) and so we'd be able to stay up to see grandma and dad. (Grandma
worked days (9-5) and dad worked second shift). Mom usually needed
to rest then as well (trying to keep up with the family on that
schedule with my brother in elementary school).

Cindy Wells
(My sister and I shared a room until age 6; we shared a bed until
age 3 1/2)