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Janet --

You've *got* to be kidding.


multimom4 wrote:

On Biblical names, I have a great great grandmother born in the early 1840s
whose name was Azubah Zipporah Dewhurst.

Her siblings? Also largely Biblical: Zerah Zuriel, Alexandrine Zetilla
and, oddly, plain old Eden Elizabeth (aka Ada). Which actually has a lot to
do with where Holly Alexandra Eden came from -- I didn't quite think I could
sneak Alexandrine past dh, and he totally nixed Zetilla (Tilly).

Azubah Zipporah's children, born in the mid 1860s --

Frances Zipporah (known as Fanny)
Elizabeth Sarah (my great grandmother; known as Sarah)
Rachel Alice (rather a nice one, that, I always think)
and, of course,
Zetilla (known as Tilly, the tragic one who died "young" -- 60, it turned
out when I investigated -- as my mother was frequently reminded by her 70-80
year old grandmother and aunts.)

Rachel's daughter? A last Zetilla. And someone had, I believe, another
Azubah Zipporah. And so ended the freakish streak.

The last couple of generations of women in my family have followed a
tradition of late-ish childbearing (Azubah did have Sarah at about 21, but
Sarah was 36, my mother was 30 and I was 34 -- 39 with Holly) ... so we go
back a *long* way in not many generations!

Elliot, Hanna, Connor (10/21/96)
and Holly (4/4/01)

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Ok, names, names, names, my grandfather's name was Moses (of course he

be 115 now so I guess that wasn't so unusual back then, and also my DH's
grandmother's middle name was Dorcus (from the Bible), again, we thought

odd but she too would be about 109 now so the end of the century turned

some interesting names. I do know a Cletus though, he's 70 something

from the south.

My great-grandmothers were named Grace, Furba (She was called Furby by her
friends) and Virginia. I don't know what the other one was named. The only
great-grandfather whose name I know was Thomas.