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I am supposed to be related to Zerah Zuriel Dewhurst too - aren't they great names!!
I wonder how we could contact each other?
David in Australia

[quote=multimom4;139465]On Biblical names, I have a great great grandmother born in the early 1840s
whose name was Azubah Zipporah Dewhurst.

Her siblings? Also largely Biblical: Zerah Zuriel, Alexandrine Zetilla
and, oddly, plain old Eden Elizabeth (aka Ada). Which actually has a lot to
do with where Holly Alexandra Eden came from -- I didn't quite think I could
sneak Alexandrine past dh, and he totally nixed Zetilla (Tilly).

Azubah Zipporah's children, born in the mid 1860s --

Frances Zipporah (known as Fanny)
Elizabeth Sarah (my great grandmother; known as Sarah)
Rachel Alice (rather a nice one, that, I always think)
and, of course,
Zetilla (known as Tilly, the tragic one who died "young" -- 60, it turned
out when I investigated -- as my mother was frequently reminded by her 70-80
year old grandmother and aunts.)

Rachel's daughter? A last Zetilla. And someone had, I believe, another
Azubah Zipporah. And so ended the freakish streak.

The last couple of generations of women in my family have followed a
tradition of late-ish childbearing (Azubah did have Sarah at about 21, but
Sarah was 36, my mother was 30 and I was 34 -- 39 with Holly) ... so we go
back a *long* way in not many generations!

Elliot, Hanna, Connor (10/21/96)
and Holly (4/4/01)