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Default Naughty mom (or dad) behavior

On Oct 17, 8:34 am, Claire wrote:
Time for true confessions here - name a time when you did something
that is not on the list of Best Practices as a parent.

Here's one of mine - drinking a Bud out of a paper bag in the parking
lot during my daughter's trombone lesson. It was just one of those
days, and it did taste so very good.

Warm Regards,


My son had just started school and there were some kids who would take
his supplies, so I told him, if anyone takes something of yours-you
take something of theirs and then you tell your teacher why you did
what you did.

I also told him if it escalated and they put their hands on him to do
the same in return UNLESS IT WAS A GIRL! He was not to start anything
but he was not to back down either. So instead of him hitting a girl
he called her a bitch because she wanted to push him (turns out she
liked him). Of course he got in trouble in and out of school and I
had to re-evaluate what I said because kids listen TO EVERYTHING!!!!