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Default why should i have to pay

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i have a 9 year daughter. i was not married to her mother. last year
her mother married a dude that makes a lot more money then me. he say
the court order say i have to pay 295.00 a month support but they take
68.00 a week out of my check thats 272.00 mo. the papers say i have to
pay half the medical bills but he makes more money than me so why
should i have to pay when he has more money and my child lives with
him. he is sewing me for back child support and medical bills because
I pay 272.00 a month and don't pay any medical bills. if anybody know
how i can get out of this email me.

$295 per month times 12 months is $3540 per year. $3540 divided by 52 weeks
is $68.08 per week. You are paying the equivalent of $295 per month.

Usually court orders say NCP's should pay half of uninsured medical bills.
If the child's mother doesn't give you any accounting of medical bills, what
was covered, how much was paid by insurance, any doctor write-offs, etc. you
have no idea what to pay.