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Default Kids Today are Pretty Stupid

"Daedalus" wrote in message
Kids Today are Pretty Stupid

AUKers Today ARE Pretty Stupid!!!!!!!

I'm not that old, so I'd like to know what has happened in the last
ten or so years to kids. Kids are really stupid. Maybe it is just
American kids. They were always pretty stupid compared to European
kids. I think the European kids are stupid now too, but they're
definitely smarter than American kids still.

Saying it's TV is oversimplifying. TV is definitely more stupid than
it was ten years ago. Then you get into the whole chicken/egg argument
that nobody can win and I get hungry. Parents definitely share the
blame for making kids stupid. These days they're always making them
wear helmets and ride in special safety chairs in SUVs that resemble
....short buses. I think you see where I'm going here. If you're going
to treat your kid like Special Ed, well. No offense to the retarded
people out there. I'm just illustrating a point. Let's be honest.
Retarded kids are stupid. They can't help it, but they are. Nobody
wants to be retarded.

Parents are also always keeping kids indoors in front of the stupid
TV eating ****loads of processed foods that hinder brain activity and
make them fat. They're letting their kids spend hours playing stupid
video games that you shouldn't play until you are an adult and can't
learn any more. Kids aren't supposed to go outside because it is
dangerous to play in the street with traffic and strangers. Kids need
ot be escorted whenever they leave the home, just like a retarded

Yeah. It's much safer for your kid to stay indoors like a good retard
and talk to the pedophiles on Myspace and order cases of oxycontin
from Mexico and load up on diabetes inducing ring dings. Maybe parents
are the stupid ones here.

Public schools also made kids stupid and fat. Nobody has recess now.
They get their exercise by waiting in line for lunch. They also have
this "no child left behind" thing. Let me tell you something, stupid
kids deserve to be left behind. This is what a good education system
is about. Worrying about passing the stupid kids only brings down the
herd. We need garbage men and future school janitors. Stupid kids are
perfect for those undemanding jobs.

See why our economy is more and more based on the service industry?
Because everyone is too stupid to do anything but work at Fridays. And
that, my friends, just means more giant beers and buffalo wings for
the rest of us.