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Default Sleep routines and nursing baby to sleep

"Sarah Lee" wrote in message
She hasn't really taken to solids and the nurse said it's probably
because she's getting extra at night, even though she's only comfort

and not having a full feed, and that I should let her cry/sleep train her.

IME, I've found this to be total hogwash. My DD (almost 13 months now) also
took a long time to take to solids (and still is not as keen as many others
her age). Various people told me it was because I was nursing her at night
and that she should cut down.

I tried to eliminate night-nursings and had DH rock her to sleep instead.
She would wake up even more than ever, which resulted in all of us being
tired and crabby in the day. Tired and crabby = no patience for solids. So
it only exacerbated the problem.