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Maybe try checking your local Trading Post or whatever the equivalent is
where you are. There's usually a "free stuff" section and you might just
find another cot for free! Check with any friends who have older kids if
they have a portable cot or a spare cot hanging around. Get your mum or dad
to ask around their friends. My sister got free cots for her twins from
friends of friends of friends Or someone can maybe email around their
work and ask if anyone has something like that available. Some companies
won't allow it, so get your partner/family to check company policy regarding

Failing that, place the mattress on the floor, on some sort of soft surface
like carpet, rug or blanket. Not far to fall and a soft sirface to land on.

Good luck!

"heughins1" wrote in message
My daughter is 16 months. I know this is quite young to start training her
on a big kids bed, but my younger daughter (3 months) is outgrowing her
cradle. We cannot afford a second crib, so we need to start my oldest on a
big kids bed. Does anyone have suggestions on how to do this?