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My daughter is 16 months. I know this is quite young to start training her
on a big kids bed, but my younger daughter (3 months) is outgrowing her
cradle. We cannot afford a second crib, so we need to start my oldest on a
big kids bed. Does anyone have suggestions on how to do this?

I don't think 16 months is too young for a bed... Especially with the
circumstances you have with a little one needing a crib...
I would start with just a mattress on the floor, as margaret said. I would
also try using HER crib bedding, if possible. I wouldn't use it for her
baby sister's bed when she moves into the older one's crib. I'd just use
older one's bedding to make her feel like she's not getting kicked out of
what is hers and having the baby take it all over. If you are using a
toddler bed for the older, her crib bedding should fit on a toddler bed
mattress, and if this isn't possible, if you're using a regular bed and
mattress, at least try using her crib blanket.
Try to transition her a bit before her baby sister will move into her crib.
As much in advance as you can and she will.
DS was definitely no more than 18 months when he went into a toddler bed
from his crib... He was climbing out of his crib so there wasn't much choice

Good luck with however you do it!